My name is Toni and I have over 15 years of experience in tourism. The mountain with all its landscapes represents my passion for which I live day after day.

I was born and live at the foot of the mountain, in Buşteni, and yet I do not get enough of this area, which has incredible views every season.

Through the tours I organize, I want to promote as much as possible these picturesque landscapes and to share my enthusiasm for mountain and hiking with as many people as possible.

It mainly provides transport for large and small groups of people, Romanians or foreign tourists with appropriately authorized and equipped cars.

The main objectives are:
Zanoavei Gorges, Bolboci Lake, Tatar Gorges, Ialomita Cave, Scropoasa Lake, Orza Gorges, 7 Springs Waterfall, Flower Bridge, Old Ladies and Sphinx, Cross of Heroes, Omu Peak.

Unique experiences

Enjoy fresh air, peace and relaxation. Each day is different, each season has its charm.

Brilliant Routes

Together we choose the best itinerary according to each person's time and availability.

Transport by car

I offer transportation from and to the various objectives, offering the possibility for renting various cars.