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Your local private guide for one day trips in the Bucegi Mountains.

Discover great locations, enjoy nature the mountain and breathtaking views.


I organize mountain trips, Hiking Outdoor Activities, with personalized routes for large and small groups.

I offer transportation services, including rent-a-car, hiking, as well as tourist assistance for any entertainment activity, along with my recommendations for spending time in a different way with various recreational activities.


Dichiului – Pestera Cave

About the trip

● Zanoagei gorges; ● Bolboci lake
● Ialomitei Cave;
● Optional beautiful sites


About the trip

● Peleșs ● Bran; ● Rasnov;
● Sighisoara

● Optional villaages


About the trip

● An unique off road experience
● Bucegi Mountains;
Baiului Mountains

The main objective remains the Bucegi Mountains, as part of the Carpathians, with all its secrets. We can hike for a few hours or a whole day for the well-trained, on foot or by bicycle, by car or by carriage in the perimeter of Buşteni city.

I also organize longer trips in Brasov, Bran Castle, Rasnov Fortress, Sibiu, Sighisoara or any other destination chosen by you.

I can drive people from and to the airport, ensuring their transportation throughout the stay, as well as assistance and advice on any tourism related issue.

The means of transport are comfortable, safe, with air-conditioning. I have extensive experience in domestic and international driving. I am an advanced speaker of English and Italian.

What are my recommendations? Over 15 years of experience in tourism and a great interest in developing and actively promoting this segment, in the area where I was born.

Atv Tours

If you like thrills and adventures in nature, then Atv Tours is the perfect choice for you. You will be able to explore spectacular mountain trails, full of beauty and adrenaline, with an experienced and friendly guide. You will discover amazing landscapes, waterfalls, lakes and forests, while enjoying speed and fun. Atv Tours is a unique and memorable experience, which you will not soon forget.

Hiking Caprati Bucegi Mountains

For hiking and nature lovers, Hiking Caprati Bucegi Mountains is an ideal option. You will have the opportunity to climb one of the most beautiful peaks in the Carpathians, Caprati, which offers an impressive panorama of the Bucegi massif and its surroundings. You will admire the diverse flora and fauna, breathe fresh air and feel the joy of being close to the sky. Hiking Bucegi Mountains Caprati is a pleasant challenge and a reward in measure.

Off Road Excursions Mountain Routes

Nothing compares to an off-road trip on mountain trails, when you want to escape from the routine and reconnect with nature. You will travel in a comfortable and safe jeep, driven by a professional and passionate guide, who will take you on the most interesting and picturesque roads in the mountains. You will see dream places, which you could not see otherwise, you will take beautiful photos and you will live unforgettable moments. Excursions Off Road Mountain Trails is an adventure you will fall in love with.

Lake Bolboci From Bucegi

Bolboci Lake in Bucegi is a fairytale place, where you can relax and admire the beauty of nature. This lake is located at over 1400 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Bucegi massif, and is surrounded by forests and mountains. Here you can take walks on the shore of the lake, fish or have a picnic. Lake Bolboci Din Bucegi is an ideal place to enjoy peace and harmony.

Mountain Routes Off Road Sinaia Busteni

Sinaia Busteni Off Road Mountain Trails is a special offer for those who want to discover the beauties of the Prahova area, in a unique and fun way. You will be able to visit the most famous mountain resorts in Romania, Sinaia and Busteni, but also other tourist attractions, such as Peles Castle, Urlatoarea Waterfall or Caraiman Cross. You will travel with a 4x4 jeep, which will take you on unpaved roads, full of challenges and surprises. Mountain Trails Off Road Sinaia Busteni is a trip that will exceed your expectations.

Mountain Routes VIP Off Road

If you want to treat yourself to a luxury trip, then Trasee Montane VIP Off Road is what you are looking for. You will benefit from a premium service, which includes transportation with a modern jeep equipped with all the facilities, personalized guide and catering on board. You will be able to choose the route that suits you best, depending on your preferences. You will visit wonderful places in the mountains, where you will have special views and special moments. Trasee Montane VIP Off Road is a trip that will pamper your senses.

4x4 Mountain Trails

Trasee Montane 4x4 is a proposal for those who love adventure and emotion. You will be able to drive a 4x4 jeep by yourself, under the guidance of an experienced guide, who will teach you the secrets of off-road driving. You will be able to choose from several mountain routes, depending on your level of difficulty and the time available. You will feel the adrenaline and the pleasure of being behind the wheel, while enjoying the amazing landscapes around. Trasee Montane 4x4 is an experience that will test your skills and increase your confidence.

Off Road Mountain Routes For One Day

For those who don't have much time at their disposal, but want to have fun and see beautiful places, Off Road Mountain Trails for a Day is the perfect solution. You will leave in the morning with an off-road jeep, accompanied by a friendly and knowledgeable guide, who will take you on the most attractive mountain trails nearby. You will take breaks to admire nature, take pictures or serve a snack. You will arrive back at the starting point in the evening, with pleasant memories and a smile on your face. Off Road Mountain Trails for a Day is a quick and fun getaway.

Mountain hikes in Bucegi

Mountain Hikes In Bucegi is an invitation for those who want to exercise and relax in nature. You will be able to participate in organized hikes on different routes in the Bucegi massif, depending on your level of physical fitness and your interest. You will be accompanied by a skilled and friendly guide, who will show you the most beautiful places in the mountains, such as Babele, the Sphinx, the Ialomite Cave or Omu Peak. Mountain hiking in Bucegi is a healthy and pleasant activity.

Mountain Routes JeepTour Sinaia Busteni Bucegi

Mountain Routes JeepTour Sinaia Busteni Bucegi is an excellent option for those who want to combine visiting some tourist attractions with an off-road adventure. You will be able to admire the most beautiful places in the Prahova area, such as Sinaia, Busteni, Peles Castle, Howling Waterfall