Dichiului saddle> Cave of Ialomita

The Natural Reservation of Bucegi is a perfect destination for those who love nature.

The mountains hide wild places, of rare beauty, that you have to discover. In the southern area of the Bucegi mountains there is a stone quarry, a splendid waterfall with springs and the narrowest gorges in Europe.

About the trip

For large and small groups
Easy for everyone
Duration: about 5 hours


● Zanoagei gorges

● Bolboci lake

● Tatarului gorges

● Padina plateau

● Ialomitei cave

● 2 locations for incredible views 1500-1700m


Unique locations
more hiking

● Orzei gorges

● 7 Izvoare waterfall

● Scropoasa lake

● The Flower Bridge, an authentic traditional sheepfold

● Old Ladies and Sphinx, Caraiman Heroes Cross or Omu peak

Other activities for leisure:

archery, paintball, tyrolean, even a table at the sheepfold, where everyone can see exactly how you can still cook and eat traditionally, with the preparation of the Romanian bulz, from the fire burning to the bulz, absolutely everything that may involve a genuine authentic experience.