>Bucegi - Trans Baiu - Orjogoaia Lake

Nature enthusiasts that want unique experiences can now enjoy customized off-road trips by car.

Similar to Transfagarasan, through its views and altitude, the Transbaul is built on an older road. The route is special for off-road enthusiasts, where the more difficult parts are real challenges.

Charge your vacation and jump behind the wheels of our 4x4 vehicles equipped for heavy roads.

Combine off-road excitement with the quiet of having a guide along the way.

Transbaul is a route that reveals the unique nature of the Bai Mountains in its true wilderness. It crosses rich forests, mild hills, dizzying serpentines and uncovers spectacular landscapes.

A narrow but accessible road that can be reached with a high-terrain landcar. Along the way, you will discover meadows of brilliant green, hilly hills, numerous belvedere spots and windbreaks that cut your breath.